Sorin Bica

Sorin Bica – Online Marketing Consultant

Sorin Bica is an online marketing & social media consultant that currently lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio.

Sorin Bica’s experience in the online marketing industry began 8 years ago when he created a petition website to bring back the local Wendy’s in Oxford, Ohio. The signatures started pouring in once he started advertising the website on Facebook. The website made the local news and he sent about 3,000 signatures to the Wendy’s HQ. A month later they announced that they were going to reopen it. It was then when he understood the power of online marketing.

Since, Sorin Bica has worked on more then 200 projects ranging from website development, social media marketing, pay per click management, event marketing and talent management. He has worked with clients varying from small businesses, non-profits and individuals to enterprise clients such as YouSendIt, Akron Children’s Hospital and Buzztime.

Consulting Services

Sorin Bica can help your business grow online through search engine optimization, social media marketing and pay per click consulting services. Get a free quote today!
Sorin Bica - Cleveland Online Marketing Consultant

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