About Sorin Bica

sorin0head Sorin Bica currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at Cubic Agency, a leader in web and mobile software development. Over the course of the last ten years, Sorin has led more then 100 successful projects to fruition, and has built a reputation for providing unprecedented client service and maintaining a peerless standard of excellence for his team’s performance.

Sorin Bica’s expertise in agile development, project management, user experience and interface design has led to a steadily growing list of satisfied clients which includes ( or at some point included) Parker Hannifin, YouSendIt, Cleveland Browns, Le Cordon Bleu, Discovery Channel, DJ E-V, Akron Children’s Hospital and Buzztime. Prior to co-founding Cubic, Sorin served as a digital strategist with Fathom Online Marketing, and as a software project manager with UpsideDownFoot Media.

Sorin holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Kent State University. When he isn’t in the office, Sorin enjoys cooking, and keeping up on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Browns.

Sorin Bica’s Work

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